Sunday, March 18, 2012

Authentication Issue in Outlook Client for CRM 2011 - How to open custom web page from ribbon within Outlook Client for MS Dynamics CRM 2011

Generally, we use Window.Open(url,name,width, height) to open a custom web page from JavaScript.

While using above method, we faced an issue from Outlook 2007 Client. "It opens the webpage in new window and authentication popup appears which does not happen in web client."

To overcome this issue we used CRM functions to open a new window as below:

function openWindow(url)

var name = "newWindow";

var width = 800;

var height = 600;

var newWindowFeatures = "status=1";

var oldWindowFeatures = "width=800,height=600,status=1";

// CRM function to open a new window with Windows Features

openStdWin(url, name, width, height, newWindowFeatures);

// CRM function to open a new window with default parameters

openStdWin(url, name);

Hope it would help.

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